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The MBA Investment: Demographics, Culture, Language, Citizenship and the value proposition


Last week I received an email from a GMAT test taker which read in parts as follows:

“We wanted to ask you out for a drink and learn your opinion on the MBA value proposition for potential students like us.”

The economic times could be better. People are nervous about leaving their jobs to pursue another degree. There is lots of anxiety over the “MBA Decision”. Even so, increasing numbers of Canadians are interested in pursuing an MBA. A majority of GMAT test takers are now outside the United States. Business education is  on a growth trajectory in India and China. To capitalize on the demand for “business case studies”  in Chinese MBA programs, Ivey has employed Chinese students to translate the cases. (The Indian School of Business uses cases  from Ivey.) Some schools are gong further and exporting their MBA program to other parts of the world. One of many examples is the Schulich presence in India. It’s  clear  that the “Business of the MBA” is a growing business. There is no shortage of MBA programs.

After 35 years of helping students achieve their “academic goals”, I thought it I would share a few thoughts on how people might consider achieving their life goals.

Now for the record, the “us” in the email  included one Canadian citizen and one U.S. citizen. What difference does this make? More than you might think. Read on. Continue reading