Why an MBA?

Why MBA? Why Now?












An Eastern European immigrant once commented that:

“The only thing somebody can’t take away from you is your education.”

This comment reflects lots of insight.  All education is  first and  foremost an investment in yourself. That said, it would be nice  to know whether an MBA will increase your career and financial  opportunities. Although, I am  sure that  an MBA will help, at the end of the  day it contributes  to you as  a person – and  it is  you as a person who must advance.

Is an MBA worth it? Here is an interesting discussion:

“Canada’s business schools are flourishing as they churn out students to quench corporate Canada’s never-ending thirst for MBA graduates.

But the MBA industry raises many important questions:

Is an MBA degree worth it? Which business niches are the ones most in demand? Can I find the time to work and study for my MBA? Can I even afford it? Can I afford NOT to take one?

Gordon Pitts, a senior Report on Business writer, was online to answer these and other questions. Mr Pitts writes feature stories and analytical articles on management issues and is renowed for his interviews with leading senior executives.”

To read the complete  article click  here.

The  Globe  and Mail recently ran an interesting section on business education.

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