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In this corner – since approximately 1955 – selling millions of its test to business schools – formerly developed by ETS, but now, since 1995, developed by the ACT and Pearson (costing ETS millions in lost revenue) – the GMAT!!!

In the other corner – for more than 60 years – selling millions of its test to graduate schools – always developed by ETS (and anxious to recoup the revenue lost, when GMAT moved to ACT) – the GRE!!!

Is the GRE a suitable test for admission to MBA programs?
– The GRE point of view

“Accepting GRE scores makes good business sense,” says ETS Associate Vice President David Payne. “Accepting both GRE and GMAT tests will improve the size, diversity and quality of the applicant pool and student body. Clearly, these are the kinds of tangible benefits that business schools value and what the global business community increasingly demands to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”

“Some people are surprised to learn that the GRE test measures the same basic cognitive skills as the GMAT test,” Payne adds. “In fact, ETS actually developed the GMAT test some years ago, so we are keenly aware that it does not measure business skills. Like the GRE test, it measures knowledge and skills that admissions officials must evaluate when considering applicants for graduate programs.”

ETS Vice President David Payne – quoted from
Attacking the GMAT Monopoly – should the GMAT be the ONLY suitable admissions test for MBA?

Some schools use the GRE. Queen’s uses its own “QMAT”.
“It has all the makings of a great business school case study: a worldwide market, a lost contract, unexpected competition, debates over whether the best market is broad or focused …

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Regardless of the motivation and intrigue, a growing number of schools will allow applicants to submit either a GMAT or a GRE score. An interesting article. Accepting either GMAT or GRE for MBA is a growing trend.

Generalizing the principle – could the GRE be used instead of the LSAT for law admissions?

As a matter of simple fact, the LSAT is required as part of the admissions process for U.S. and Canadian law schools. Why the LSAT? In order for a school to be approved by the ABA, it must meet certain standards. Standard 503 says:

“A law school shall require all applicants to take an acceptable test for the purpose of assessing the applicantscapability of satisfactorily completing its education program.  A law school that is not using the Law School Admission Test sponsored by the Law School Admission Council shall establish that it is using an acceptable test.”

The requirement of “an acceptable test” means that the LSAT per se, is not required. Perhaps a law school should consider a GMAT or GRE.

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