GMAT Combinatorics

GMAT Combinatorics Workshop –
Probability, Permutations, Combinations

Recent trends indicate that descriptive statistics, combinations & permutations, and probability have grown increasingly more important on the GMAT, especially for those students determined to score high on the quantitative side of the test. Our one day course focuses entirely on these topics and the challenging problems that flow from them in both the GMAT Problem Solving and GMAT Data Sufficiency formats.

Comprehensive coverage of descriptive statistics, permutations & combinations, and probability will be provided at a level appropriate for the GMAT. Course material will be GMAT specific. The basic concepts will be presented in a manner that facilitates easy understanding and a seamless entry to the more advanced content.

Some students may have previously encountered some or all of descriptive statistics, combinations & permutations, and probability in high school (Finite Mathematics) or at university (introductory Statistics courses). However, no previous familiarity with these topics will be expected of students.

Sample Combinatoric Questions:
Seven college buddies set out on a road trip in a seven seater van.  Of the group only Jack, Stephane and Gilles are insured to drive.  In how many ways can the seven buddies be seated for the trip if only an insured driver is allowed to drive and Steven, the geography major, must ride shotgun?
Answer: 360

Fifteen points are marked on a straight line and ten points are marked on a second straight line parallel to the first line.  How many triangles can be formed using these points as vertices?
Answer: 1725

A fair coin is tossed six times.  What are the odds in favour of getting more heads than tails?
Answer:  11:21

GMAT Combinatorics Workshop Dates – TBA

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Location: University of Toronto Downtown Campus – Room TBA

The course fee is $300 as a “stand alone” course or $150 if you are enrolled in either of our one or two weekend courses.

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