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GMAT Preparation Courses Canada

GMAT Preparation Courses Canada

Upcoming Toronto One Weekend GMAT Courses – U of T Location –  $495:

S. 1 October 26, 27/13 – Optional Pre-Course Math Review – October 20

S. 2 November 30, December 1/13  – Optional Pre-Course Math Review – November 24

S. 3 May 31, June 1/14  – Optional Pre-Course Math Review – May 25

“Success Favors The PREPared Mind”

GMAT Courses Canada is the weekend course division of the Richardson GMAT Preparation Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

We have offered high quality GMAT preparation courses since 1979. This makes  us one of the longest running (perhaps the longest) GMAT preparation course provider in the world. Our longevity means that we offer Canada’s most experienced GMAT teachers.

We are pleased to offer our one weekend and two weekend GMAT Preparation Courses in major centers across  Canada. In addition we offer GMAT math review courses and  custom designed GMAT courses for the corporate market. For those taking both the GMAT and GRE we also offer a dedicated GMAT GRE Math Preparation. For those taking only the GRE we offer Toronto GRE Preparation Courses.

If you are  interested  in longer  courses and GMAT specialty modules, please  visit the  Richardson GMAT Preparation Centre in Toronto. This site is a repository of the best GMAT blog posts and provides  up-to-date  information and discussion about the “Next Generation GMAT“, the “Revised GRE“, best GMAT prep books,  and whether you should take the GMAT or GRE for MBA admission. If you are a GMAT teacher or GMAT tutor, feel free to submit a post for possible  inclusion in this blog.


“Hello John,

It is a pleasure for me to provide my strong endorsement for the outstanding value that John Richardson and Law School Bound has consistently delivered for the past 22 years since I had the opportunity to participate in both your LSAT and GMAT preparation courses. After securing outstanding results on both exams, I decided to pursue my MBA which has been instrumental in my professional career. During these years I have advised countless students to invest in both courses and it is truly amazing that John Richardson and his team have managed to maintain their extraordinary value proposition. Even though we have moved from fax machines to wireless technology the feedback from those who follow my advice is always the same. Awesome! If anyone is serious about pursuing an MBA, or if you are law school bound –I highly recommend that you invest in the magic John Richardson is offering!

Best regards,

Richard Pinnock

Managing Director –

Your Choice of One or Two Weekend GMAT Preparation Courses  – Intensive,  Focused, Targeted, Productive!

One  Weekend Format $495 + HST

Two Weekend Format $895 + HST

–  Saturdays run from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

– Sunday run from 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Toronto GMAT Preparation Course Dates

All Courses Include:

– free repeat

– AWA Webinar

– course materials: in-class workshop and home study

– GMAT computerized practice testing

– Free background GMAT math orientation in Toronto

Course materials include:

Official Guide for GMAT Review  (11th edition)

Official Guide  to  GMAT Quantitative Review (1st)

– In class  workshop materials

– 5 Computer based GMAT exams

– Free repeat

Take  our course in Toronto, Oshawa, Ottawa,  MontrealLondon, or Vancouver. We are also able to offer your school or company a custom GMAT course.


MBA Canada – GRE or GMAT?

Should you take the GMAT or GRE for admission to business school?

The GRE has slowly been becoming a substitute for the GMAT in MBA admissions. The reasons are well canvassed at:

Here is a complete list (from GRE) of programs that will accept the GRE.

The following Canadian schools, including Queen’s are included:

  • Canada
  • Lakehead University
  • Queen’s School of Business
  • St. Mary’s University
  • University of Calgary
  • Univ of New Brunswick – Saint John

A special comment with respect to Queen’s. Queen’s also accepts the QMAT for admission to their executive MBA programs.

Graduate Admissions Exams To Get A Makeover

We posted the following comment on a US News and World Report article called:  Graduate Admissions Exams To Get A Makeover


“GRE vs. GMAT competition leads to innovation

All of the graduate admissions tests – GRE, GMAT and LSAT – are for the purpose of testing reading and reasoning skills. The “Revised GRE” will be a big improvement over the current version.

Success on the current GRE verbal section is dependent on knowledge of vocabulary. The inclusion of less difficult vocabulary (on the Revised GRE) will contribute to making the GRE more of a “reasoning” test. At the present time, we have students coming to our GRE classes, who have been memorizing lists of words. An improved vocabulary is an asset it life. That said, a GRE score should not depend on what words one knows.

It is a mistake to remove the analogies from the verbal section of the current GRE. Analogies are a good test of reasoning skills. Analogies with less difficult vocabulary could and should be retained.

The new GMAT Integrated Reasoning section may have its roots in an old “Data Interpretation” section that was on the GMAT (and the LSAT) during the 1970s. During this era both tests included questions that were based on graphs and charts. The questions required one to integrate information from more than one chart. (But, let’s see how GMAT Integrated Reasoning develops.)

Finally, let’s not forget what is really going on here. The GMAT and GRE now compete against each other to be used as part of the MBA admissions process. I suspect that some of these changes are designed to compete better in the marketplace. The 2011 changes are the third time that GRE has attempted to change the format of the GRE. Of course the first two times – GRE was not competing directly against GMAT. It’s amazing how competition encourages innovation.

The American Bar Association is currently reviewing whether the LSAT should continue to be mandatory for law school admission. Perhaps, the GRE could also be used as an alternative to the LSAT.

John Richardson – Richardson GMAT LSAT GRE Preparation Centre – Toronto, Canada”


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