Next Generation GMAT® – Coming June 2012


Changes are coming to the GMAT exam. Schools and programs want to know how you’ll perform in today’s information-rich climate.

On June 4, 2012, the GMAT exam will gain a new section designed to measure your ability to evaluate information from multiple sources. Incorporating advances in technology and measurement, the next generation GMAT will include a new 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section that will ask you to interpret data presented graphically, analyze different types of information, and evaluate outcomes.

These skills—according to a survey of 740 business school faculty members worldwide—are necessary to respond to the complex challenges presented in business school programs and in today’s information-rich business environment.

The GMAT Verbal, Quantitative and Total Scores will not change. Test takers will receive a separate score for the essay, as they do now, and for the new Integrated Reasoning section. The overall length of the GMAT exam (three and a half hours) will not change. When the Integrated Reasoning section is added, the Analytical Writing assessment will be streamlined to include only one 30-minute essay prompt instead of two.

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